Yann Toma


Multimedia, immersive, and sound installation.

Sounds of Nathalie Forget. New York 2023.

With thanks to « Les Amis de Magaud » and Alexandra and Charles-Henry Dubail.

Tribute to Patrick Rimoux and Agnieszka Slosarska.

Curated by Sozita Goudouna, PhD.


Yann Toma, artist-observer at the UN since 2007, presents an immersive installation at The Opening Gallery. Consisting of a central piece (a Pythia sound sculpture resting on light bulbs) and surrounded by a Wall of Divinatory Hands (MMD cyanotypes) as well as photographs of Radiant Fluxes of ARTEFACTS and immersive videos (OUIJA + Climatic Divinations) , DIVINATIONS is an installation that mixes bodily perceptions and restitutions of captures and “care” carried out in places sometimes steeped in history, in several parts of the world where the artist has been methodically harvesting “zones of polarities” for nearly several decades.


The images present, reflections of an invisible energy amplified by the sound of the Martenot waves of the composer Nathalie Forget, result in their immediacy from an encounter and from the artist's desire to engage the imaginations of her somatic space at the heart of the ENERGY of the world.


This desire is embodied in space by the presence of original publications and a MANIFESTO relating to the formula of ARTISTIC ENERGY (EA). Through the summoned figures and the relationship they establish, a form of affinity is engaged and makes the Visions of the Pythia and the public resonate, all amplified by the benevolent presence of the sound frictions that circulate in the space. For our eyes as observers, the consequences are immediate and similar to fleeting apparitions. The movement appears in us and the images of thoughts emerge from our back and forth in the space between the works which then present themselves to us in a strange way, relying on hybrid forms resulting directly from the circulation of sound and images of radiant fluxes. All sorts of visions therefore arise that call on the energy inscribed in each of us, like what Yann Toma transmits to us from his experience at the UN via ante-divination documents from 2023. This immersive form, the artist exhibits captured moments, amplifies his action in the space of The Opening Gallery by a real gallery of universal and iconic portraits which reflects a shared and internalized vision of time and space of the energies present, sending us back to ourselves and to our deepest intimacy.